Bromeliad Plant Care

Parts of the Bromeliaceae family, bromeliad plants are popular piece of house decoration because of their vibrant flowers and sturdy nature. Bromeliad plants are easy to nurture and requires very little care, but by following these helpful guidelines on bromeliad plant care you can add to their life and beauty:

Provide Sunshine

Bromeliad plants are basically plants from the tropical region and hence flourish best in warm and moist weather condition with plenty of air. These plants require regular sunlight but the needs may vary from one variety of bromeliad plant to other. It is always advisable to place bromeliad plants at a location receiving indirect filtered sunlight and therefore south facing window sills or garden areas are considered ideal for growing bromeliad plants.

There are some varieties of bromeliad plants especially those having broad leaves that turn fade due to over exposure to direct sun whereas flowering plants may actually turn dark if they do not receive adequate sunshine. So get the detailed information about the bromeliad plant before deciding upon their placement.

Regular Watering

Another important routine to be followed in bromeliad plant care is that these plants grow best in moist soil and so you should regularly provide water to these plants but ensure that the water is evenly distributed and absorbed by the soil. Donít let the water stand which may decay the plant roots. In case of rosette shaped plants the bromeliads should be watered from the top so as to let the leaves retain water, which helps in their faster growth.

Proper Temperature Variation

Bromeliad plants can withstand huge temperature variations from -7 to 37 degree centigrade but they actually bloom best under ideal temperature of 13-29 degrees centigrade. Thatís why these plants grow best indoors where such temperature condition always exists. They can withstand higher temperature if the place experiences humid climates. Always keep the plants in the area with proper air circulation as cool night air adds to the colour and life of the bromeliad blooms.

Right Fertilizers

Bromeliad plants usually doesnít get infested with pests and hence doesnít require too much of fertilizers. In order to promote the growth of bromeliad plants it is always recommended to use very little water based fertilizers.

Blooming Period

Bromeliad plants donít have a specific blooming season and the blooms can be seen in any part of the year, which lasts usually for next couple of months. Bromeliads just bloom once in their entire lifetime and once the bloom period is complete a small "pup" is noticed at the plant base which can be potted to create new bromeliad plants. An interesting point for bromeliad plant care enthusiasts, the upper leafy portion of the pineapple is actually a pulp and can be replanted to grow another bromeliad plant.

Another important aspect of bromeliad plant care that should be kept in mind is that regular cleaning of these plants plays an important part in their growth. Removing any dead foliages or rotten leaves not only makes you plant appears good but also adds to its life.

Bromeliad Plant Care Instructions

Understand Bromeliad Plant Care Instructions.