Bromeliad Plant Types

Bromeliads are plants of a particular species that have corn like feature in one of its seed leaf and the other two seed leaves look like roses. The plants can adapt itself to the outdoors as well as indoors. Though they bloom once in their lifespan, they are widely preferred in home décor due to amazing deviation in their leaves. Among different types of bromeliads, three most popular varieties are Tillandsia, Guzmania and Aechmea.


Tillandsia category of plant is suited to dry climatic regions – mountains and deserts like South/Central America and Mexico. These plants have thin as well as thick leaves; thinner ones thrive in rainy climates and thicker ones in drier regions. These plants are very colorful but they start growing as green in color. Tillandsia is reactive to frost; otherwise it can survive temperature ranges between 10 to 30 degrees. These plants can survive without being planted in the soil and they get their food from air or decomposing leaves. Sub types of the plant are Spanish moss, air plants and ball moss.


Guzmania plants are of different types. They can easily attach themselves anywhere and grow in any sunny area. These plants produce flowers once in their lifetime, during summers and then they die. Reproduction occurs from the pups or offsets of the plant that dies. Warm temperatures with loads of humidity are best suited for the growth of the Guzmanias. Guzmania is very beautiful as Guzmanis Lingulata – that blooms in orange and red.


Aechmea can be found in more than 140 varieties, all round South America. These plants are also epiphytes same like the other two types of bromeliad plants. Candida, Beeriana, Aciculosa, Colestic and Dealbata are some of the other types of Aechmea.


If you are an orchid lover then billbergia should be brought home from bromeliad nursery. Billbergia blooms though doesn’t last for long, still because of amazing tubular look this plant if preferred by garden lovers.


The pineapple is a form of bromeliad, known as ananas comosus.


These are small plants easy for indoor growth and are found in southern Brazil. They look beautiful in different colors like brown, red, green, pink and bronze.


This type of bromeliad needs enough space to grow, as the plant is quite big.


This type of bromeliad is leafy and soft. They can be spotted in tropical America, Florida as well as the West Indies.


This type of bromeliad is a favorite among many. They are small and can be grown easily, which is why they are mostly preferred as indoor plants.


This type of Bromeliad is a native of Brazil and grows on decomposing logs and ground. They derive their name from Latin word “nidus” meaning nest since they show nest like appearance in the middle of the plant just before they bloom.


These types of Bromeliads have a height of five feet starting from five inches. They are a great choice for indoor plants and most of them are epiphytic. They are a native of Brazil and Mexico.

Bromeliads vary greatly in shapes, sizes and color but they are great for every plant lover. As they can adapt to different climates, they are widely preferred as indoor and garden plants. Taking proper care of these plants while growing up comes naturally as one brings a bromeliad home.

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