Bromeliad Pups

Bromeliad pups are not a name for a new breed of dog; they are the little baby plants that start to grow at the base of a mature bromeliad plant. At a certain point in the life of the plant, it will flower and stop producing leaves.

When this happens it will enter into the next phase of its cycle and produce pups that will feed off the main (mother) plant. The pups are small offshoots of the main plant that can be removed and planted in a separate container.

These pups will eventually mature into beautiful blooming bromeliad plants that will produce their own pups.

Different Color Choices

A bromeliad plant will need to be mature, healthy, and have a strong core to produce pups. Good bromeliad plant care will assure that your plant produces many pups. Before the plant will produce these, it will flower.

Some plants will have stems and colorful flowers. Once it has flowered the plant will not produce new leaves and instead the mother plant will focus its energy to produce pups. These pups will feed off the mother plant until either it dies from too many or until they are removed and placed in their own containers to grow.

How To Remove And Plant?

Bromeliad Pups

Removing bromeliad pups will encourage the plant to continue producing them and give you more plants. These plants can be kept to add to your collection or they can be given as gifts.

A pup is ready to "harvest" when it is approximately one third the size of the mother plant. Another good sign it is ready to live on its own is that there will be roots forming at the base.

Pups will be able to be removed by pulling it sideways and breaking it away from the base of the mother plant. Planting medium will need to be added to the area where the pup was growing.

When the bromeliad pup is put in its own container it will need a planting medium that is rich in nutrients and may need support until the roots are able to hold the plant in place. Shallow containers work best for promoting root development.

Once the new bromeliad plant has its new home it will need to be well cared for so it can make the transition to growing without the mother plant.

Caring For Your Pups

Small stakes or spikes can be placed around the bromeliad pup to help stabilize it. In time the roots will grow and the support will be able to be removed. The planting medium will need to be kept moist but not so soggy that the roots to rot. Since the pups need less light than a mature plant they will need to be moved to a different location than the mother plant until they mature.

Providing humidity will encourage growth and maturity. The plants are vulnerable when first removed so care will need to be taken, to assure they grow and become as hardy as your other bromeliad plants.

Encouraging bromeliad pup growth is a great way to expand and share your bromeliad plant collection.

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